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Different cuts of chicken

Chicken is not only one of the most versatile foods to cook, it is also a good value. Learn all about different cuts if chicken. Different cuts of chicken can be used in different ways: It can be roasted whole and unadorned cut into serving-size pieces, seasoned with exotic spices, and cooked quickly under the broiler, or slowly in the oven until meltingly tender. However chicken is cooked, it's always a favorite.

Free range or organic cuts of chicken

Buying chicken can sometimes be confusing, with labeling varying from free range and organic, to corn fed and farm fresh. Free range birds have been provided access to open air runs. Traditional free range follow stricter standards the birds are given more freedom and space.

Free range birds must have continuous daytime access to the open air, for at least 50% of their lifetime. Organic birds have been fed on a completely organic diet, given no meat by products, and won't have been given antibiotics. They usually have outdoor access, and are reared for up to 12 weeks, twice as long as intensively farmed chickens. They are often the most expensive choice, but you can taste the difference in the meat. Choose chickens that have a recognized organic certification. Corn fed simply means that the birds have been fed on a diet of corn or maize, resulting in a yellow, golden skin. It doesn't mean that they are free range or organic. Farm-fresh is a misleading label, and can still mean that the bird has been intensively farmed.

Cutting a bird into eight pieces

Different Cuts of Chicken step 1
Step 1
Using poultry shears, cut through the ribs two-thirds of the way along each breast half and at an acute angle.
Different Cuts of Chicken Step 2
Step 2
Each leg can be further divided. Locate the joint above the drumstick that connects it to the thigh and slice through to divide.
Different Cuts of Chicken Step 3
Step 3
The chicken after being cut into eight pieces: two whole wings, two breast halves, two thighs, and two drumsticks.

Dividing the crown of chicken

Once the cooked bird has rested and any juices from it have been collected and added to the sauce or gravy, place the bird on its back on a clean carving board. Hold cut the skin between the leg and the breast. Next, draw the knife down and cut close to the breast.

How to Cut Chicken Wings

Cutting Chicken Wings

The whole wings can be cut from the breasts using a sharp knife or poultry shears, cutting through the ball and socket joint where they are attached to the breast. Chicken wings have sweet, accessible meat and it is a shame not to use them as part of whatever dish is being made with the chicken. If they are not used, they can be cooked separately or added to the carcass and used for making stock.

Taking a Breast Half from the Bone

Different Cuts of Chicken Cutting breasts Step 1
Step 1
Using poultry shears, cut through the ribs two-thirds of the way along each breast half and at an acute angle.
Different Cuts of Chicken Cutting breasts Step 2
Step 2
Using a sharp knife, separate the meat from the bone by following the contours of the breastbone, cutting the breast neatly away.
Different Cuts of Chicken Cutting breasts Step 3
Step 3

Locate the small inner fillet on the underside of the breast and slice any connecting membrane to remove it.

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